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Protective Overlay

EC-1000 series

MNTG overlay

Made in Korea.

High durability for long-term use.

For use with MNtech reflective sheeting.

Roll size:   W1,220mm xL45.7m

Colours:   EC-1000 Clear, EC-1001 Yellow, EC-1003 Blue, EC-1004 Green NZ, and EC-1005 Red.




#FF / #AF series

Computer cuttable transparent overlay

Made in Japan.

High durability for long-term use.

Please use with Kiwalite reflective sheeting.

Roll size:   W1,240mm xL50m

Colours:   #AF-200 Clear, #AF-204 Yellow, #AF-205 Red, #AF-208 Blue, #AF-219 Brown, and #FF-117 Moss green (Standard green).